Welcome to our Piece Keeper Tactical website.

Our company has a very basic philosophy;  To make high quality products, at a more than reasonable price, and have those products in the customers’ hands in a timely manner.

This whole thing started back in 2013 as a small single holster project, which now is a veteran-owned company that is becoming more and more popular!  Even though we are growing, we will not turn into a big corporate “cookie cutter” style company.  In addition, we won’t have tons of rigs on hand,  What we WILL do, however, is talk to you, see what you want exactly, and work together on getting that perfect rig set up for you.

The owner / fabricator behind Piece Keeper Tactical is a full-time professional firefighter, father, husband, Navy Veteran and an avid gun lover who takes great pride in his work.  He has personally fabricated rigs that have shipped all over the world, and continues to draft up and field test new ideas along with making enhancements to existing rigs.

Give us a try and we bet you will come back for more!